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How to get an Export of your 365 Users and Licenses?

  1. Email Your IT Provider:

  • Ask your IT team to export a user list from your 365 tenant and send it in CSV format.

  • Or if you have an admin account sign into and go to users, see the screenshot below

365 User Export
Export 365 Users

2. Receive and Open CSV:

  • Once you receive the CSV file, open it using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets

3. Organize Fields:

  • Look at the headers of the columns to identify the information.

  • Rearrange or organize columns as needed for better clarity.

4. Understanding Fields:

  • Familiarize yourself with fields like "User Name," "Email Address," "License Type," etc.

5. Filter Licensed Users:

  • Click on the filter icon in the header row of the "License Type" column and filter by condition based on the spreadsheet program.

6. Save and Analyse:

Save your new view and check the list for money saving opportunities:

Mailbox Type -

  • Identify: Is the mailbox a user mailbox?

  • Consider: Could it be an alternative free shared mailbox or distribution group (e.g., Info@, accounts@)?

  • Benefit: Optimizes licensing costs and fosters collaboration without additional expenses.

Offboarding Priority:

  • Ensure: IT is on top of employee offboarding.

  • Watch for: Overlooked licenses that accumulate over time.

  • Why: Prevents ongoing expenses by promptly managing unused licenses.

License Alignment to Job Needs:

  • Check: Are license types aligned with user roles?

  • Ensure: Each user has the appropriate license level based on job requirements.

  • Benefit: Eliminates unnecessary costs for features not utilized, optimizing spending.

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