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Total Value
Covering Every Aspect

At Futurah IT, our pricing is more than just a service – it's a complete solution for all your needs. We aim for excellence by elevating every aspect of our offerings. From top-notch services to clear rates, we cover everything you require without hidden fees or compromises. Our Total Value Proposition ensures quality, reliability, and a partnership that exceeds expectations. Choose Futurah IT for IT solutions where excellence is not just an option; it's the standard, covering every part of your journey with simplicity and clarity.

With our proactive approach, your payments won't escalate over time – they remain steady as a testament to the reliability and efficiency of our services.

Price Lock

At Futurah IT, our prices stay the same year after year – no surprises. We're not here to squeeze more money from you. Our focus is on making your operations smoother and reducing the need for constant support requests. With us, you get reliability and efficiency without the hassle of increasing costs. Choose Futurah IT for straightforward and stable pricing that works for your business.

Security Investment

Investing in robust security IT options is like fortifying the walls of your business against potential threats. The consequences of a security breach can be devastating, ranging from financial losses to damage to your business's reputation. By proactively investing in strong security measures, you're safeguarding not only sensitive data but also the overall well-being of your business. The fees associated with a compromise far outweigh the cost of implementing a solid security solution. Think of it as insurance against potential disasters – a worthwhile investment to ensure the longevity and resilience of your business in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats. Prioritizing security today is an essential step towards preventing significant financial and operational setbacks tomorrow.

Education / Training 

At Futurah IT, we provide free training to ensure everyone on your team is on the same page. No one should feel stranded with tech challenges. We invest in education to empower your staff, making sure they have the skills needed to navigate technology confidently. It's all about fostering collaboration and a knowledgeable work environment. Trust us to equip your team for efficient operations at no extra cost. With Futurah IT, your staff's growth and expertise matter.

Unmasking Sneaky Fees

What Competitors Won't Tell You until Checkout

🚫Licensing Costs 🚫Support Cost🚫Backups 🚫Site Visit Fee 🚫Onsite Support Charge  🚫Hardware Refresh Bill  🚫AntiVirus Add ons  🚫OnBoarding fees  🚫Project Fee

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Get your personalised quote in seconds without the annoying sales pitch. Our pricing is fully flexible but we pride ourselves on covering all aspects of your IT Support in one simple figure.

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Referral Scheme:

If you refer a client to Futurah IT Ltd and they make it over the 3 month line expect up to £4,000 directly to your bank account PER CLIENT 

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