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IT Support Leeds

Transparent Pricing For Everyone.

IT Companies Leeds

BasicCare Package

8am 6pm

Affordable Solutions for Growing Enterprises

✔ Complete Remote Support

✔ Application Support

✔ Customer Portal

✔ 1x Proactive Visit Per Month

SuperiorCare Package

8am 6pm

Superior IT Support for Thriving Businesses

✔ Complete Remote & Onsite Support

✔ Application Support

Customer Portal

✔ 2x Proactive Visits Per Month

✔ Proactive NOC Monitoring

✔ IT Security Protection

✔ Proactive Monitoring + Alerting

✔ Server & Desktop Maintenance

✔ Reporting & Growth Plan

✔ Technology Roadmap

  • Unlimited Desktop Support - Our dedicated Service Desk, manned by friendly and highly skilled British-speaking technicians, ensures that your support experience is not just efficient but also personalized. Unlike other MSPs, we've structured our support as designated pods for each customer, guaranteeing familiarity with your specific needs and delivering tailored solutions. Our strategic outsourcing approach ensures a constant availability of a robust team of professionals, eliminating staffing issues common in the industry.

  • Unlimited Server Support - The same applies for your Server using the RMM that provides pro-active monitoring and reporting, we can set Patch Management schedules to ensure your customers devices stay up to date.

  • Unlimited Network Support - Network issues? Our team can proactively see network issues in most cases before they even come to the surface.

  • Onsite Support - A healthy alternative to other MSP's is to have FREE onsite support, we will always prioritise fixing your issues remotely but expect an engineer to be onsite within 8 hours (Working hours) to resolve the issue with a hands on approach.

  • Proactive Site Support -  Alongside reporting we schedule monthly proactive visits at no extra charge to ensure root cause analysis is always followed, its no secret that most service providers fall into the trap of becoming so reactive they loose site of the long term benefit of fixing root cause issues.

IT Price Calculator

Transparency, Affordability & No Hidden Fees

Calculate Your IT Support Costs



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Consider the potential savings by comparing in-house expenses based on (30/40K annual salary per 30 staff, Recruitment Fees, Company Benefits & Training and development with Annual Leave.

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Our services are customizable and scalable to fit your budget and business size. 

Calculate Your Microsoft 365 License Costs

Additional Packages

Advanced Protection

Additional Layer of Security

✔ A Dedicated SOC Team

✔ Advanced SOC Security and Monitoring

✔ Real-time detection and analysis

Security Policy & Compliance Enforcement

✔ Upgraded AV protection on all devices

✔ Attack Phishing Simulator 

✔ Cyber Security Training


Advanced automation

✔ Custom Automation for Workflow

✔ Automate Repetitive Tasks

✔ Analyse Sentiment of Emails

✔ Analyse Sentiment of Teams

✔ Email Signature Tool

✔ Marketing posts schedular

✔ Integration with existing systems and Apps

24/7 Support

Around the clock support

✔ Complete Remote & Onsite Support

✔ SLA 25/5

✔ Proactive Monitoring + Alerting

✔ Application Support

✔ IT Security Protection

✔ Downtime Prevention & Reporting

✔ Technology Roadmap

Sharepoint Maintenance

Need a tidy up?

✔ Full Permission Plan

✔ Branded Intranet Page

✔ Nested Permissions for Sub Menus

✔ Permission Selection for onboarding staff

✔ Integration with M365 Apps

✔ Document Management & Collaboration

✔ Training and Support

✔ Internal and External Links

Advanced Monitoring

'Network Operation Centre'

✔ A dedicated NOC Team

✔ Instant alerting with Priority

✔ Real-time alerts and notifications

✔ Performance monitoring and optimization

✔ 24/7 monitoring of network infrastructure and systems

Backup & DR

Protect your Data

✔ Daily reports

✔ Advanced Backup solution

✔ Easy Recovery

✔ Disaster Recovery

✔ Disaster Testing Environment

✔ Regular testing and validation of backup

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