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IT Companies Leeds

Empower Your Business with Proactive IT Solutions

We offer innovative IT support for Property & Trade, blending extensive MSP experience with a standout feature: FREE proactive visits. Our future-focused strategy surpasses traditional options, delivering exceptional value.

IT Companies Leeds
Best IT Companies Leeds
Best IT Companies Leeds
IT Companies Leeds

What we can do for you.

IT Support

  • Unlimited Remote Support

  • Unlimited Onsite Support

  • Desktop Support

  • Server Support

  • Network Support

Growth Avenues

  • Scalable Product Set

  • Overseas Support

  • Enterprise support

  • Easy Hardware Rollouts


  • MFA

  • Attack Simulations

  • Cloud Security

  • Secure VPN

  • Central Intercept X Advanced

Save Money

  • Price lock guarantee

  • All in one pricing structure

  • Only pay for what you need

  • Transparent costing


  • Monthly Proactive visits

  • Root Cause Fixes

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Maintenance

  • Onsite Support

Cloud Experts

  • Migration to 365

  • Migration to Azure

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud Deployment

Futurah IT Support Logo

Hey, I'm Kalem.

Futurah Cloud Support

I've played a crucial role in the development of over 8 Fantastic Service Providers in Leeds. Join me for a 15-minute call to see my take on  being amongst the best IT Companies in Leeds.

Save Money, Grow Rapidly

Our unique method to adapt to enterprise level companies without breaking the bank or running out of resources

Saving Money

Free Onboarding Process:

We offer a seamless onboarding experience at no cost to you. Our team will guide you through a comprehensive audit and documentation process to ensure a smooth transition.

Unlimited Support:

​Enjoy unlimited support from our expert team. We'll be there to address your needs promptly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

Proactive Reporting and Automation:

Our ticket system allows us to track trends and identify areas where your business may be losing time or money. Through automation and proactive measures, we help optimize your processes for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Quarterly Business Reviews:

Receive personalized quarterly reviews with your assigned account manager. We'll discuss insights and opportunities to further enhance cost-saving strategies tailored to your business.

Rapid Growth Strategies

Scalable Support Model:

Our scalable support model is designed to accommodate rapid growth. With a dynamic pod system in our call center, we can allocate resources quickly to meet your evolving needs without bottlenecks.

Flexible Proactive Visits:

Take advantage of our proactive visits where you have the freedom to choose the focus. Whether it's optimizing reporting, providing user training, or tackling projects, our onsite presence comes at no extra cost to you.

Tailored Onsite Assistance:

During proactive visits, our team is at your disposal for whatever you need. From addressing hardware issues to organizing your communications room, we're here to support your growth journey every step of the way.


''A Trusted IT Support Company''

Futurah IT Ltd specializes in customized IT solutions for the property and trade sectors. With a focus on face-to-face interactions, we intimately understand the needs of businesses in these industries. Our extensive trade industry experience enables us to offer tailored solutions that address specific challenges. We bridge the gap between technology and these sectors, providing personalized support that sets us apart. Experience a new level of IT support with Futurah IT Ltd in Leeds and surrounding areas.

 Our Cloud Partnerships

Cloud Consulting
Cloud Consulting

Power Apps

Cloud Consulting

365 Apps

Cloud Consulting

Azure Cloud

Make your business more efficient and effective with our Cloud Services. We are Microsoft experts, specializing in the up and coming cloud services. Our expert team provides unique solutions to help you take advantage of the newest innovations and technologies. Trust us to provide top-notch support as we streamline your business operations.
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